Thursday, March 28, 2013

Poetry Month

Jeanann Verlee-- one of the most intense, incredible poets in NY.
Sarah Kay

Taylor Mali
Cristin O'Keefe Aptowitz-- my new favorite poet. Her delivery is HILARIOUS! Check out her TED talk.
Shira E opening for Andrea Gibson at the High Line Ballroom

Andrea reading "Glider Plane" to us at the merch table. Before this, Andrea was making her way around the room to meet people, hug fans, and hear a lot of stories of how she's helped those through rough times. I almost left because it was completely chaotic-- a sea of 200 people all trying to meet her at once. Finally, I made my way to the front of the merch table right when she met a fan (below) who had her recite Glider Plane. I got a bit of it on tape and felt totally lucky to not have left and to have met her when I did.
A fan with Andrea's poem Glider Plane tattooed on his ribs and over his heart. She signed her name and he's apparently getting it tattooed this about a hardcore fan!
Finally getting to say hi to my favorite poet of all the poets!
And since this has been a week of fighting for equality, it is only fitting that Andrea read her poem "Ashes" last Sunday night about soldiers being burned to death for being gay. Below is the little video I got of always makes me cry:
"They can come a thousand times
with their burning match
and their gasoline
with their hungry laws
and their empty mouths
full of prayers

and that God who greeted me at his gates
with his throat full of trumpets
and his tears full of shame
as his trembling palms
collected the cinder of his children’s crime"

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