Thursday, October 25, 2012

CMJ Weekend

Aunt Martha performing The Neighbor Song

Last weekend was CMJ: A music marathon that lasted for 5 days throughout four of the five boroughs of NY. The mornings consisted of panels with industry leaders talking about everything from branding to tattoos, and the nights had crazy shows that lasted until 4AM.  I was really lucky to get to shoot a few shows (including my favorite NY band, Aunt Martha) and discussions in Manhattan and Brooklyn. 

Some highlights included:
-Seeing the band Barcelona perform Saturday afternoon in a venue that lifted a piano out of the ceiling and manuevered it onto the stage with just a few ropes. 
-Also, when uploading images for the website I flipped through the panel photos only to stumble on the one above of Julie Potash (Hesta Prynne//Northern State) looking oh so creepily at the camera. Love it.
-An Aussie showcase filled with 50 different Aussie bands. It goes without saying that that day was heaven.
-Getting access to NYU's student union which had the most beautiuful stairway I've ever seen. (see below)

And mainly just the giddiness that comes with having a press badge in hand. I just wish one day I could live this life full-time...and get paid for it! ;)

Thanks for reading.

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