Saturday, May 5, 2012

I'll Have Another:

Happy Derby de Mayo!

Three easy steps for making the sweetest eggs & bacon:

Step 1: Buy as much white chocolate at the store as you can. If you must go to three or four groceries to buy out all of their chocolates, well, I applaud you. 

Step 2: Document the entire process if you're going to make a post about a recipe. Don't get distracted with eating all the chocolate that you forget. FAIL. [edit: Jump to step 3: Melt all the white chocolate after cooking it for no more than 2 minutes. Stir, and pour over evenly spaced pretzel sticks. Add yellow "yolks" when still cooling, plz.]

Step 3: (For real this time) Bring these desserts to a Derby Party, enjoy with a little bourbon,  and vote on the horse with the most alcoholic name. I'll have another!

Cheers to the one (and only!) dessert I know how to make in under 5 minutes. Don't worry, this is the last of these kinds of posts. 

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