Friday, February 24, 2012

Let's Go Dance On Bars We're Superstars Tonight:

Last night was my bosses' big opening for his newest series "The Earth Laughs in Flowers." He's been touring it throughout Europe and it finally made its debut in NY!!

As much as I love his controversial work with celebrities, I think these new photographs are absolutely stunning. Before I even knew anything about the pieces, I stumbled across his Springtime and America work one day when I was sorting through some files, and fell in love.



Here's a better explanation on his work in Gallery Guide: In Earth Laughs In Flowers David LaChapelle appropriates the traditional Baroque still life painting in order to explore contemporary vanity, vice, the transience of earthly possessions and, ultimately, the fragility of humanity. Expectations of the still life are satisfied through the inclusion of symbolic objects such as fruit, flowers and skulls, but also upended by the insertion of everyday items such as cell phones, cigarette butts, balloons, Barbies, and a Starbuck’s iced coffee cup. This last effect is exacerbated by a tortuous disorderliness overwhelming the composition. The resulting photographs achieve a painterly, almost sculptural quality, thereby challenging the traditions of painting. 

The titles of the works refer to the cycles of the seasons and of life: Springtime, Late Summer, Early Fall, Deathless Winter, and Concerning the Soul. In typical memento mori fashion, the works invite us in, beg our self-reflection, and remind us to enjoy life before it’s over.
Last night's opening was crazy. Lots of random celebrities were in attendance (Courtney Love, Daphne Guinness, Amanda Lepore, etc) so I was extra excited when I got to go to my first ever "guest-list" party! I was like a giddy 10 year old wandering about amongst all the highfalutin artsy crowd. The majority of the time the 10 of us from work just stood in the back with all the free cupcakes and wine and predicted who we most wanted to see.

Last minute prep before the press arrived//everyone freaking out!

David talking to reporters, and..uh...some mysterious lady.

Hanging with Amanda Lepore!

Courtney Love & David

Follow the light.

The after party was at this Mexican restaurant overflowing with free tequila, margaritas, and mojitos. There was barely any food to be found, but my oh my were there free drinks. I tried to keep it classy for a while just drinking my wine, but when my boss told me to cheers with her and the rest of the staff with shots of tequila, I gave in. The rest of the night all went down hill from there! Whew, this morning was a rough one, but I sure had a fabulous night!

Exhibition Coordinator--my favorite at DLC--getting the crazy started!

 Until next time....

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