Thursday, September 15, 2011

First Week at DLC

This first week as an Intern at David LaChapelle has been dizzying and exciting and incredibly more stressful than I imagined. The very first phone call I got on Tuesday was from David and I awkwardly stuttered "um...hello" before passing the phone on. I really adore my direct boss--she is sweet and helpful and all too trustful of my typeface abilities...or disabilities as it would seem. I was tasked with laying out one of David's photos with type as an announcement on his website for his newest gallery opening. I honestly have no idea which typefaces look better than the next, but I ended up getting the invitation finished and posted on the site with enough time to get lunch with my boss.

In the late afternoon, I went with the digital coordinator to David's storage unit where we had to search a daunting hallway for the work needed for his next exhibit. The coordinator is a lot of fun and easygoing, so it was mostly just a lot of laughing & gossiping rather than working when we were on our hunt. We found some original Andy Warhol polaroids DLC took back in the 80's, and the moment was so surreal it wasn't until I was walking home that I realized--omg..I HELD AN ORIGINAL DLC SHOT OF WARHOL TODAY !

I'm off work today to go on another interview for (hopefully) a fun nightly job. I've been applying to a full spectrum of jobs--cupcake maker, teacher's assistant in Harlem, hostess at the Mandarin Oriental, and after reading Holidays on Ice, I'm starting to think a holiday elf so I'll be more like David Sedaris when I grow up (too far?) Well, enough rambling and more posting. Until next time.........

The Davids:

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